hybrid heaven
spring 2018 catalog

Hybrid Heaven is a publishing project that operates out of Montreal, Canada. We publish contemporary books & booklets & we love collaboration, community + work that speaks of the now.

Our first two titles are:

--> DELET THIS, the incomparable MLA CHERNOFF’s debut collection, a fun, volatile compilation of “pomes” inspired by internet culture, flarf, memes, puns, emojis & satire. You’ll find bewildered normies, Mark Zuckerberg, Super Soakers, Gogurt, philosophers driving giant anime robots & the name “Derrida” typed 70 times. Is it a trick? A trap? Is MLA laughing with you or at you? Are you sure? Who knows. Who cares. Delet this.

--> LET THIS BE THE END OF ME, a collection of poems & photographs by JC BOUCHARD. We love JC! His direct, earnest & graceful poems, paired with photographs of Toronto, his home city, are a great place to let your mind roam free & feel completely lost, though not in a bad way.

Both titles are now available on our web store.

Questions? Send us an email --> hybridmtl AT gmail.com